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Promote the intelligent development of traditional Chinese medicine with innovation!

AI + big health

In-depth AI detection algorithm, realizing AI technology landing in the "health field".

The tongue imager, from hardware to software to AI medical deep learning algorithm, is in the leading position in the industry. At present, it has served thousands of clinics and traditional Chinese medicine libraries, and collected nearly one million tongue images, making outstanding contributions to improving the diagnostic ability of primary doctors and benefiting the people of traditional Chinese medicine.

Professional-grade image processing chip and professional-grade image processing algorithm, accurate color space conversion, beyond competitors. A large number of deep learning algorithms are used to realize tongue recognition, segmentation, feature extraction and analysis quickly, accurately and automatically.

Through AI intelligent deep learning, the organic combination of AI image processing technology and physical health has been realized. After continuous optimization and improvement, the constitution identification ability is close to the level of doctor of TCM.

Research and development background
International top scientific research and medical institutions depth cooperation, in order to cure not ill + + match well of Chinese and western combination of body and mind is the core idea, through the international advanced image processing technology, combining traditional Chinese medicine theory and artificial intelligence algorithms, sub-health is dedicated to the majority of the users to provide convenient and continuous health assessment tools and personalized solutions, To promote the physical and mental health of the people. To understand the tongue image detection system in traditional Chinese medicine In traditional Chinese medicine, there is a saying that the tongue body should be the viscera parts, the tongue is the only macroscopic internal organs of the human body, and the diseased viscera can be inferred indirectly from the pathological changes of various parts of the tongue body. The tip of the tongue belongs to the heart and lung, the base of the tongue belongs to the kidney, the middle belongs to the spleen and stomach, and the two sides belong to the liver and gallbladder.

Product introduction
Rafavi tongue imager is provided with theoretical support and tongue image calibration by Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. It integrates multi-spectral imaging, artificial intelligence technology and deep learning algorithm, and combines traditional Chinese medicine theory with high and new technology.
By 2021, it has obtained two invention patents and a number of utility model patents and software Copyrights. Deep learning algorithms from hardware to software to AI are leading the industry. Like a mirror of health, the tongue always shows the health of the body's constitution and viscera. The Chinese medicine health assessment system developed by Rafavi Health takes the essence of Chinese medicine and adopts the camera with specific light source and computer technology to extract and process the tongue image feature information. The Al intelligent analysis system was used for diagnosis and analysis, and the health status report and targeted improvement plan were issued. Light source: Use color rendering (RA) up to 97 LED beads to make lighting source, constant current source power supply
● Image color processing: professional image processing chip and image processing algorithm, accurate color space conversion
● Self-developed image acquisition module: monitoring level image sensor, all-glass metal lens, stable performance
● A1 Intelligent deep learning: a large number of deep learning algorithms are adopted to realize tongue recognition, segmentation feature extraction and analysis quickly and accurately
● Structure design: specific imaging Angle involved, tongue surface and tongue bottom can obtain effective, clear, overall image
● Matching inquiry: according to the initial constitution of the equipment automatically matching standard constitution identification questions
● Query system: query historical test records, data analysis and picture comparison
● Cloud service: professional background management system, can classify the management of equipment and data information Core technology 1: International leading imaging simulation system  

Core technology 2: AI+ TCM tongue rapid physical examination system

Based on the multi-spectral pre-oral cancer detection technology in cooperation with Stanford University, Rafavi Vision has independently developed a physical viscera detector based on the "AI+ tongue image theory of traditional Chinese medicine", which can quickly detect physical viscera health, health risk assessment, and exclusive health regimen in one minute.

Technical advantages

AI+ TCM tongue rapid physical examination system

Avoid human intervention, automatic acquisition of tongue images and tongue features extraction

Up to 95% accuracy of tongue segmentation

The accuracy rate of physical viscera detection reached 80%+

After ten thousand cases of testing, stability is worthy of rest assured

Intimate voice prompt, fast response smooth experience

Mobile phone scan code directly connected small program, simple and convenient

The tongue imager provides five services

Overall health scores was evaluated

The reason why viscera health status is visceral is because viscera health status is visceral

Health risk appraisal

Tailored health improvement plans

Tailored health improvement Plan Tailored health improvement Plan

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